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Developed and introduced by an American company, TaxAct is outstanding Tax preparation software that helps its users to prepare and file income tax return in a smooth way. On the basis of utilizing the TaxAct software, its users may quickly check out the return status. Later the accomplishment of procedure for filing the income tax return, a processed verification is sent that makes them capable of knowing about their return status.

Check E-file status

For the purpose of checking the e-file, users may put their social security number, ZIP code and last name. After that, they are required make click on E-file status. In case of any issue, they may contact us calling our TaxAct customer service number.

Service and support

The TaxAct service and support has been arranged to provide support associated with issues that keep arising at the time of preparing and filing taxes with the help of TaxAct software. Therefore always take fast initiative to make call on TaxAct customer service number.

About taxes

Some or the other times it occurs that people pay the tax beyond their stipulated amount and hence it becomes essential to file it for the purpose of refund. In case of such problem, TaxAct users may call on our TaxAct customer service number.

Comparison online tax products:

It appears as simple task to prepare taxes online. Most of the people treat this process to be more secure and cheaper instead of asking for help from an accountant. People may dial on toll-free TaxAct customer service number in case for requirement of help against any issue relating to this concern.

Comparison of Desktop Tax Products

The benefit of the desktop software is that the users can have the number of E-files that they get for their money and the information regarding the storage of their information.

Start or Access

TaxAct users may take initiative to have the accessibility to their prior year tax products on the basis of the specific sites that have been developed to offer the support regarding the information associated with their previous year tax product.